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KC Industries produces a wide range of ceramics specifically for the Electric Heating and Element Industry

We also manufacture Terminal Blocks and Caps for use with Hot Water elements and Cartridge Heaters in a range of bodies to suit all applications.

Element Formers are produced in a variety of configurations from multi-holed round and rectangular tubes, open slotted bobbins and single and multi-holed beads for use in flexible “band heaters”. They are manufactured in a range of materials including Mullite, Zircon Refractory, Refractory Cordierites, Crushable Magnesium Oxide or Zircon ceramics.

We also offer a design service for the Electric Heating and Element Industry and can produce small runs and specials for the repair of imported elements.


KC Industries has always offered a design service to Appliance Manufactures where we become involved at the design stage of the appliance thus avoiding costly re-tooling.

Our range of products includes Receptacles for stove top elements, Terminal Blocks, Element Ends for Radiator type heaters, Gas Grill Radiants, Beads and Bushes for through-wall electrical connection, Fish Spine Beads for element tail insulation and Ignition Electrode Insulators complete with electrodes if required. 


KC Industries produces in conjunction with the Stud Welding Industry a complete range of Stud Welding Ferrules covering a range from 3mm to 25mm and the imperial equivalent in both Full Diameter and Root Diameter sizes as well as Reduced Base.

A vast range of special ferrules is produced for rectangular sections in Square and Round End configurations, as well as a range of specials for inside and outside corners. We also manufacture Thru-Deck ferrules for the Bridge Construction Industry. 


KC Industries manufactures a range of ceramic product used in    metal sampling devices, and are currently supplyingsome of the

worlds largest companies in this field.

These instruments are typically thermocouples, sublance sensors,

Oxygen probes and molten steel sampling devices.



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