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Sharp corners should be avoided on both internal and external surfaces. This feature can be provided if essential however will weaken the strength of the final product. Pressings with holes or inserts should have even spacing between the detail and the outside of the component, by no less than the size of that feature. Blind holes should always be avoided wherever possible. 


During the drying and firing stages of manufacture there are inherent shrinkage variations, On dry pressed components tolerances will vary between +/- 1% or +/- 0.12 mm, whichever is greater. Components that are wet pressed or extruded require a doubling of this tolerance range. Closer tolerance may be achievable however this will influence the rate of production and therefore the pricing. 


The information provided in this leaflet is of a general nature.

If possible the service of our staff should be called upon to help you in the early design of your components. This will help ensure that your components can be manufactured at the lowest possible cost with a minimum of problems.


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